“A small change with a great effect” – جريدة مصر المنارة
ملابس أبو عمار
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“A small change with a great effect”

"A small change with a great effect"


by Anita Kreuzer

Every day you hear lots of bad news. You hear about Terror, greed, murder, rape, war, torture, disasters….the list is long. That can drag you down. So I wanna write about something nice: about EMPATHY. What is that? Empathy is when someone smiles at you and you smile back, when it mmakes you sad when somebody cries, when you try to understand others instead of judging them, to cuddle a chicken instead of eating it. You think it sounds like hard work? Nooo it isn’t, it gives you a warm feeling in your heart.Intelligence is not what you learn at school. One important kind of intelligence is social intelligence and this encludes empathy. And the world would be completely destroyed without empathy!


ملابس أبو عمار

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